DVR / CCTV Unreadable Data

We have a 2TB hard drive right here with video footage stored on it, which has corrupted and the computer will no longer understand it. we have attempted our IT department however they have been unable to get better it. They stated the information is definitely corrupt / unreadable. would you be able to ship a quote for healing? How does your pricing work – could we nevertheless be charged a price in case you weren’t able to get better the disk?

We have a DVR in from a customer. version is Sannce SN-DB3708GDSL31. The difficult force is not being regarded by using the DVR and that they want some pictures retrieved. The pressure itself seems intact with out a clever mistakes but the filesystem is unrecognised so we can not get right of entry to it. Is it viable to present a tough estimate for statistics retrieval?

I have instead an antique Maxtor 250gb external harddisk which runs a CCTV system. I had upgraded, but the new one didn’t paintings with my mac so i’ve currently reverted to the antique one. some days in the past the charger cable changed into jolted out of the device, and once I became it again on numerous folders are showing as documents, and not using a content. i am a photographer, and a number of the folders contained pix from either current paintings or simply the past 10 years which i’d virtually love lower back!

Just as on the blog, I have got a removable hardrive it is making a ticking noise and isn’t always being recognized whilst plugged into a computer.